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Oita Football Association hold human-rights education workshop

25 September 2014

Oita Football Association hold human-rights education workshop

On 6 September along with the Oita Sports Festival’s football competitions, the Class 1 committee of the Oita Football Association held a special workshop on human-rights education. The workshop was open for players and coaches from Oita’s cities. Two city officials from Beppu City Human-rights and Dowa Education Enlightenment section offered participants discussions on discrimination and human-rights. They shared case studies where some people view as “discriminatory words and actions” depending on how they understand. The Class 1 Committee of the Oita Football Association will hold more of such an activity in the future.

Comment from Speaker

Mr.KONO Mitsuyoshi
We provided a lecture on human-rights in discussion style. At first we expected 30 people coming, but eventually 46 people came to take the lecture. I have a lot of experiences in giving human-rights lectures, but this was the first time for me to get an offer from a sports organisation. So I was a little baffled what to speak on. I think it turned out to be a very valuable lesson in the sense that there were various opinions that came up from participants on the topic “discrimination.” I hope I can help out with such kind of human-rights workshops in the future, too.

As the chairman of Class 1 Committee 

MURASE Isamu, Representative of the Host
First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the participants and speakers even though the weather was not very pleasant to come out. I planned to hold a lecture on “human-rights” and “discrimination” for the first time. I’m glad that participants actively discussed and exchanged their various opinions. The lecture was very clear to understand, so I hope we can plan such human-rights enlightenment activities again as the football association’s Class 1 Committee.

Comments from Participants

Mr.NAKAMOTO Katsuhiro
I was tired because the lecture took place after my match, but the lecture on “discrimination” was very good. I learned the words I’m saying unconsciously in my daily life could be seen as discriminatory ones, depending on time and place. Even between two close people , their words or actions could be discriminatory for a third person. I had an assumption that we didn’t need such a lecture because I already took it when I was in school. But I realised it is completely opposite. I’m an adult. That’s why we need to take such a lecture and take advantage of the knowledge in our daily social life.

I’m a player but also a junior high school coach. This was my first time to take part in such kind of event, and I had some hesitation for that to be honest. But as I was taking the lecture listening to what they talked about, I started to feel ashamed because there were lots of things that made me think. I will think carefully whether my words and actions towards children are appropriate or I use any inappropriate words. And I will make efforts to establish myself as a coach.


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