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JFA Elite Programme

U-13/14 JFA Elite Programme Training Camps and overseas tours

Launched in 2003, the U-13/14 JFA Elite Programme has served a critical role in developing future National Team players of Japan.

The men’s programme will conduct a total of four annual activities for both U-13 and U-14, including training camps and international tours. In addition, starting from 2018, a selection will be held for players who were not selected for the Elite Programme, but still showed great potential and/or character. Those players will participate in the biannual Elite Programme Future Camp, which will be held once with players divided into East and West camps, and once in a combined camp.

Likewise, the women’s programme will conduct a total of three annual activities for both U-13 and U-14, including training camps and international tours.

The selection for the men's side will be linked with the activities held by the National Training Centre U-13/14, while the women's side will be chosen from the regional/prefectural training centres. The programme aims to provide a better environment and coaching for those players with great talents, allowing them to improve themselves through high level competition. The programme shares a mutual goal with the National Training Centre of “individual development” and supports the “player’s independence.” Within the activities, the programme also provides off the pitch curriculums such as development of logical communication skills and dietary education. Since the inauguration of the programme, in efforts to strengthen each age-categories, the programme has conducted an annual joint camp with the Korea Republic National Team featuring matches among each age-categories.

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