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JFA Nadeshiko Hiroba held in Coerver Coaching Soccer School Lumine Tachikawa Class (Tokyo)

10 October 2014

JFA Nadeshiko Hiroba held in Coerver Coaching Soccer School Lumine Tachikawa Class (Tokyo)

“Coerver Coaching Soccer School Lumine Tachikawa Class” in Tachikawa city Tokyo held JFA Nadeshiko Hiroba on Thu. 2 October. The weather was fine and participants had an exercise with pouring sweat and smiling faces.

As there were first-timer as well as repeaters in participants, they offered training menus built around “communication” and ”pass & receive”. Some participants aggressively took part in the program as some of them started talking to others. In “pass & receive” program, they watch their team mates and ball well and send pass and there were many scenes of them calling each other. In the last program of game, the participants realized the result of training when they connected passes and shoot it, and they enjoyed playing as they exchange high five after scoring goal.

Sponsor Comment

KANETAKA Hiromichi, School Master (Coerver Coaching Soccer School Lumine Tachikawa Class)
This program was started originally for give participants a chance to experience the training program usually offered to children at school. As we kept holding this event, I heard more participants saying “fun playing soccer” and “want to play better”, this is why I am holding this event twice a month now.

With more training they participated in, I began to see more of excellent plays for they have better skills for dodging the other side players with technique and scoring goal after connecting passes. This event serves as one of a communication tool for exchanging information because participants are coming from various districts. I want to keep holding this event to help developing the women’s team and mom’s team in the district and making it popular to play soccer.

Participant Comment

Ms. INOUE Maki
I enjoy kicking a ball in the time between housekeeping and work. Participating persons are commuting from districts nearby. I am glad when they give me good word for a good play. That makes me want to play harder. Talking to many moms in the team, I realized there is something in common for growing children by saying good things to them and it is important. Any beginners are welcome to join us, let’s kick the ball together.

The JFA Nadeshiko Hiroba

The JFA Nadeshiko Hiroba is a ''place'' and ''time'' for the women, from the children to the adults, to casually enjoy and continue to play football and futsal on a periodical basis. We are looking for those who can run this event.

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