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JFA President Tashima visited the area devastated by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes

23 April 2016

JFA President Tashima visited the area devastated by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes

On 22 April, TASHIMA Kohzo, President of JFA visited the area devastated by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes. The areas he visited in Kumamoto prefecture were Ozu, Kikuyo, Mashiki, Kashima, Kumamoto, and Uki.

In Ozu and Kikuyo, he visited Ozu High School and Kikuyo Junior High School. He had a time to listen to the current situation of their local area from football coaches of young players, and he also met with the headmasters of these two schools and expressed his sympathy to them. In Mashiki, he met MIZUGUCHI Kosuke, President of the Mashiki Football Association, HATA Minoru and MORIKAWA Taishin, players of Roasso Kumamoto. All of them continue to live out of a local evacuation centre and in this opportunity Tashima encouraged them. Then in Kashima, he had an opportunity to have a meeting with Mr. ARAKI Yasuomi, Town Mayor of Kashima.

After the meeting, he visited a futsal facility in Kashima to see an event which took place for local children. For this event, some local football associations had asked Roasso Kumamoto to encourage local children by playing futsal together.

In Kumamoto city, he visited the Kumamoto Football Association to check their current situation. He then continued on to visit Kumamoto Prefectural Government Office, Roasso Kumamoto, and TAGAWA Kensei who is the President of the Kumamoto Football Association. Tashima told them that JFA will try their best to support the local people who were affected by the earthquakes through collaborating well with Kumamoto Football Association.

In Uki, he visited the Mayor of Uki Mr. MORITA Kenshi to listen to Uki’s current disaster assistance. Finally, he visited JFA Academy Kumamoto Uki.


MORITA Kenshi, Mayor of Uki City
In Uki, there are more than 5,000 people who still have to stay in evacuation facilities and we provide 20,000 meals a day for them. People from all over Japan have sent a lot of support for us. On 19th, Mr. NAKAYAMA Naohide, who used to play for the JFA Academy Kumamoto Uki, drove a truck to send us relief goods which he had collected from many people. That made all of our staff cry and we were encouraged.

MIZUGUCHI Kosuke, President of the Mashiki Football Association
I deeply appreciate such a quick response made by football associations. This time, the President Tashima came to know what is happening and to see the players of Mashiki Renaissance Kumamoto FC. Honestly speaking, it is difficult for me to think about the future at this moment. As a chairman of Adult Football of Kumamoto Football Association, I am not sure if we can carry on regional qualification for the Emperor’s Cup and the All Japan Adults Football Tournament, as well as Kyusyu League, and Prefectural League. I know that we have to keep patient and do our best; I hope we can find the light of hope gradually.

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