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JFA GK Project hold online event “Let's talk about goalkeepers”

18 April 2023

JFA GK Project hold online event “Let's talk about goalkeepers”

An online event “Let's talk about goalkeepers - how to spend time at the World Cup” was held online on Friday 14 April at the initiative of the JFA GK Project.

14 April is known as International Goalkeeper's Day. With the idea of making goalkeeping more fun, an online event for primary and junior high school students was organised to celebrate this day. GONDA Shuichi from Shimizu S-Pulse, who played all four matches in last year's FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, took to the stage for a discussion with JFA coach KATO Yoshio, where he spoke about his mental state while playing in the World Cup, his emotions and tensions before and after the games, and how he spent his time during the competition. He explained to the children how he overcame his nerves and mistakes throughout the competition while they listened intently and with great passion, trying not to miss a single word. The participants' questions were also answered in an easy-to-understand manner by Gonda, who gave the kids an engaging experience.

In order to help more people, learn and understand about the JFA GK project, a Q&A section has been set up. If you have any questions, please fill in the form below. (Form available in Japanese only)

Participants’ Comments

Ms. OKADA Yuki (Parent, Fukui Prefecture)
The World Cup felt more relevant to us when we had the chance to learn about the feelings of a top player competing in the World Cup and how the other players were doing. The Q&A session was simple to follow, and Mr. Gonda shared with us his honest opinions, which struck a chord with the kids and will certainly help them in the future. I sincerely appreciate it.

Ms. ISONO Mina (Parent, Chiba Prefecture)
My daughter started playing football in the third grade of primary school and in the fifth grade she was appointed to the goalkeeper position by the team, which she has been playing since then. She was a bit hesitant at first about being chosen because of her height, but now that she is aware that not every player is given a position, she works hard every day and plays with a sense of responsibility. My daughter carefully listened to Gonda-san while taking notes. She seemed so content, which led me to believe that she was highly motivated to play the position. She had a fantastic chance to hear from a star play who plays the same position as her. She had a very pivotal time, and I sincerely appreciate it.

Ms. ADACHI Mako (Parent, Saitama Prefecture)
The kids were inspired to practise football even harder after hearing Gonda-san's insightful lecture. And even though he doesn't play goalkeeper at the moment, it made him want to play the position. My son had a great time. Thank you very much.

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