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Referee Exchange Programme Report: The referees learned the importance of game management

12 December 2023

Referee Exchange Programme Report: The referees learned the importance of game management

Two women referees from Japan participated in the referee exchange programme in Australia. Through refereeing in different environment with more intensity and speed, they learned the importance of game management including how to communicate with players and local referees in more effective way.


Referee's Comment

KOIZUMI Asaka, Referee
As a part of the Exchange Programme between Football Australia and Japan FA, I had opportunities of refereeing 2 matches at Women's A League. Women's football is booming now in Australia, I was able to gain refereeing experience of fast and strong physical football in front of many spectators and realised the enjoyment and difficulties of controlling the match with fairness and toughness. In addition to these fantastic experiences, we joined fitness group training for A league referees, VAR training, and many opportunities to communicate with local referees. I would like to apply what I learned in Australia to my future games. To close, I would like to thank Football Australia and Japan FA for their support.

SUGINO Azusa, Referee
I am so grateful for this opportunity to Football Australia and Japan FA.
It was my first-time visiting Australia, and I officiated two matches of A-League Women as a referee. Women’s football in Australia was physically stronger and faster than Japan, and I tried to imprint many great plays in my memory.
It was a great experience in terms of game management, as I needed to know how to encourage players who express their emotions in every decision that I make so that they could focus on football, and the ability to respond to sudden problems on the spot.
On non-match days, I took part in fitness training and VAR training. I had a chance to see my classmate at the AFC Referee Academy and met many friends who are enjoying refereeing. They inspired me a lot, and I hope to be their lifetime friends.
I had a wonderful time in this programme and hope to take these experiences for my further development as a referee.

The exchange programme is to provide refereeing experience and training opportunities in different cultures and match environments, with the aim of improving refereeing in the future and fostering friendly relations between the two countries.

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