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About Nadeshiko Vision

We are introducing some examples of women’s teams that were created ( or are going to be created ) in various manners. We hope we can provide you useful hints and ideas for starting and continuing activities with a women’s team.

How is a team established?

J-League’s initiatives
└Interview to J-League’s general secretary Yukio Nakano [16 March 2010]

As subsidiary teams of J-League’s clubs…
└Cerezo Osaka Ladies U-15 [23 February 2010]
└JEF United Ichihara / Chiba Ladies U-18 [12 July 2010]

Teams established by local, prefectural / municipal football associations…
└Bingo Fuchu TAM-S [3 March 2010]
└Hiroo Junior High School Women’s football club [25 May 2010]

Education Boards establish junior high school as base for the activities and gather junior high school-girls of the neighbourhood.
└Koto ward Dai-yon Sunamachi Junior High school women’s football club [8 October 2009]
└Bunkyo ward Bunrin Junior High school women’s football club [ 21 December 2009]

Establishing universities as base of activities…
└Kyoto Bunkyo University U-15 Women’s soccer school [7 December 2010]

From training centre’s activities…
└Unai FC [30 March 2010]

Cooperation of many teams…
└Jubilo Iwata Ladies [9 December 2009]

Gathering women players playing in men’s football teams…
└Thespa Kusatsu Ladies [15 January 2010]

└Efluvioninas [ 23 March 2010]

As subsidiary teams of Ladies and U-18 Teams ( High School Teams included) …
└Fujieda Jyunshin Soccer Club Junior Youth [29 October 2009]

Players of U-12 girls’ teams growing and becoming members of older generations’ teams…
└Omiya FC Angels [26 April 2010]

As club activity of junior high schools…
└Chiba Izumiya Junior High School women’s football club [25 October 2009.11]

As women’s football clubs of high schools…[ women’s football clubs of high schools which (men’s) football team has participated to All Japan High School Soccer Tournament ]
└Okayama Sakuyou High School Women’s Football club [8 April 2011]
└Hiroshima Minami High School [ 24 April 2011 ]

※Japan Football Association is now particularly making efforts in order to create fields of activities for female players of junior high schools and above cases were chosen in line with this purpose. Hereafter, Japan Football Association will also make efforts to create teams for girls under 12 and ladies’ team for women over 19.

Women’s Football
The JFA Ideal

Through football, we realise the full benefits that sports can bring to our lives
the soundness of our bodies, the expansion of our minds,
and the enrichment of our societies.

The JFA Ideal, Vision, Values