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FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Costa Rica 2014 U-17 Japan Women’s National Team back home and present at press conference

07 April 2014

FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Costa Rica 2014  U-17 Japan Women’s National Team back home and present at press conference

U-17 Japan Women’s National Team came back home after winning the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup and answered questions at the press conference in Tokyo.


Takakura Asako, Head Coach
21 players and all team staff as one strong team won this championship. Not to mention all the hard work by players, it’s also because of all the support by those who have helped this team and players to develop. Players were so independent and worked hard as they repeatedly found their own assignments and worked on them right away. They were so united and they expressed by their play on the pitch that they were determined to play for themselves, the team and people who had supported them. The fighting spirit, which is the “spirit of Nadeshiko”, has been passed from generation to generation since thirty years ago. Now they will lead the future of Nadeshiko Japan.

Morita Yukari, GK(Osaka Toin Senior High School)
I experienced a lot by training with this team. I will go back to my club and work even harder.

Asano Natsumi, GK( JFA Academy Fukushima)
It was such a precious experience for me. The team chemistry was great both on and off the pitch. We could fight through tough six games, because we got so united as a team.

Matsumoto Mamiko, GK(Urawa Reds Ladies Youth)
Even though people didn’t talk highly about us, we came out to this championship with our teamwork being our strength. I appreciate all the support.

Kitagawa Hikaru, DF(JFA Academy Fukushima)
Winning the world cup has been our goal, but it’s still not our ultimate goal. I want to keep improving by correcting my mistakes to be selected to Nadeshiko Japan.

Matsubara Shiho, DF(Cerezo Osaka Sakai Ladies)
I am happy that we won this world cup with such great teammates. I want to keep aiming for nothing but a higher level.

Ichise Nana, DF(Tokiwagi Gakuen High School)
I learned so much and experienced so much. I was happy that we won the championship as one united team.

Hashinuma Maho, DF(JFA Academy Fukushima)
Everyone fights and contributes” has always been our motto. I am happy with the good result.

Endo Yu, DF(Urawa Reds Ladies Youth)
It was a short period of time for this team to spend together before and during the tournament. I could find my own weakness and assignment. Going back to my club, I want to keep improving.

Miyagawa Asato, DF(NTV Menina)
I felt that the will to win was more important that technique, speed and power. I am happy that we are back home smiling.

Minami Moeka, DF(Urawa Reds Ladies Youth)
The team as well as I improved a lot during this one month of the world cup. It is great that we finished this with winning the championship.

Hasegawa Yui, MF(NTV Veleza)
I am happy with winning the world cup and my individual award. I want to keep training and working hard every day.

Sugita Hina, MF(Fujieda Junshin High School)
The strength of this team is team chemistry. The reason why we won the championship is that all 21 players and team staff fought together. I want to keep improving at the next age category without being satisfied with this win.

Nishida Tomoka, MF(Cerezo Osaka Sakai Ladies)
Everyone has improved and got along well with each other. I am proud of this win. I have found my own weakness, so I want to work on it.

Hiratsuka Maki, MF(Seinan Football Club U-15)
Winning this world cup has been my goal for last 12 months. I learned that it is very tough to win at international competitions. I want to keep aiming higher.

Sato Mizuka, MF(Jef United Ichihara Chiba Ladies U-18)
We have worked hard to win the world cup for last 12 months, so it is great that it came true. I have improved and also found my weakness. I want to take advantage of this experience.

Nagano Fuka, MF(Urawa Reds Ladies Youth)
We could play against so many different countries in this world cup. It was fun to experience so many different styles of football. Winning the best in the world boosted my confidence.

Kobayashi Rikako, FW(Tokiwagi Gakuen High School)
It was my first international tournament, but a great experience. I want to take advantage this experience to get onto the next step.

Kamogawa Miho, FW(Jef United Ichihara Chiba Ladies U-18)
We have worked for a year to win this world cop, but it is really great to finish this journey with a win. I want to keep improving for people who support me.

Saihara Mizuki, FW(Ange Violet Hiroshima)
I am proud that we are back smiling. I want to take advantage of all the improvements I made in this tournament for my future.

Kono Fuka, FW(Fujieda Junshin High School)
This tournament has been my goal since I was in junior high school. “One heart” has been a motto for all 21 of us and I am happy that I could win this world cup with the best head coach, other coaches, teammates and team staff.

Okuma Rana, FW(JFA Academy Fukushima)
I am proud that we won this championship with 21 of us and staff. I will keep working hard day in and day out.

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