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Intermediary System

Based on FIFA’s decision in July 2014, “player’s agent system” was globally abolished and the player agent’s license had become invalid as of 31 May 2015. Instead, new intermediaries system was established and globally introduced as from 1 April 2015.

In the intermediary system, players (or clubs) who utilize the services of third person (this person is call as “intermediary”) must register to JFA information about the intermediary together with various information on the transaction in which the intermediary was involved.

In Japan, in addition to the above registration made by players (or clubs), the intermediary must register himself/herself to JFA in advance of the start of his/her activity as intermediary in Japan.

JFA Regulations on Intermediaries

List of registered Intermediaries

Please click here for the list of registered Intermediaries

To: All the professional players

When you (as a professional player) utilize the service of an intermediary, you are required to register to JFA various information about the intermediary you used. Failure to do so can lead you to the disciplinary sanctions by JFA Disciplinary Committee. Importantly, you are jointly liable for the misbehavior of the intermediary who you utilize. Therefore, you must be utmost careful when choosing and contracting with intermediaries.

Standards on Intermediary Registration (for Players)

Click here for Online Application Form for Transaction Registration (for Players)

To: Head coach, coach, official or staff of a club

When you (as a head coach, coach, official or staff of a club) have any kinds of contract with an intermediary (or its company), you must swiftly report that contractual relationship to JFA.


JFA Regulations on Intermediary

JFA Regulations on Intermediaries

Documentary form

JFA Intermediary Declaration (English)
[JFA Form #CH-4] Report on Contractual Relation (for Head Coach etc. use)
[JFA Form #CH-5] Report on Contractual Relation (for intermediary use)
[JFA Form #CH-6] Letter of Consent on Information Disclosure (for players)
[JFA Form #CH-7] Letter of Consent on Information Disclosure (for clubs)
JFA Standard Intermediary Contract (for players)
JFA Standard Intermediary Contract (for clubs)

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